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How THCV Can Kickstart Weight Loss: Get to Know the Diet Weed

In This Post:

  • What Is THCV?

  • Does THCV Reduce Hunger?

  • How Does THCV Contribute To Weight Loss?

  • Recommended THCV Products & Dosed Recipes

According to CDC, nearly 35% of Americans are obese, with obesity now being considered a national epidemic. Obesity can have serious effects on a person’s physical and mental health as well.

Weight-loss and prescription diet pills can be costly and ineffective. With so many options, how would you know how effective they are? Meet THCV, the weight loss cannabinoid that's been heavily studied by experts.

What is THCV?

THCV is a MicroCannabinoid™ that was first discovered in the early 1970s and is relatively common in cannabis plants. Although THCV has not reached the same popularity and fame as CBD and THC, there have been years of research done to support its upcoming star status.

How Does THCV Reduce Hunger?

THCV is considered a minor cannabinoid, or MicroCannabinoid™, and is not very commonly discussed. While THCV is classified as a minor cannabinoid, the weight loss benefits of THCV are anything but. Multiple studies show THCV may aid weight loss and promote wellness. Like other cannabinoids, THCV interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). THC activates the CB1 receptor, which prompts the release of hunger-promoting hormones. On the other hand, THCV does the opposite, blocking the CB1 receptor and decreasing hunger.

How Does THCV Contribute To Weight Loss?

To know the relationship between THCV and weight loss, it is important to understand first how it plays its role in metabolism and body fat loss. Get to know the simple ways on how the diet cannabis, THCV contributes to weight loss:

1. THCV May Suppress Appetite

Elevated appetite means you have increased cravings, making you eat often. Frequent and uncontrolled eating can lead to unhealthy eating patterns that can make you gain weight faster. This said, if you want to lose weight, deal with your appetite and cravings first.

If you’ve been using cannabis, you will see that it can significantly affect your metabolism and appetite. As mentioned, tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contribute differently to your metabolism and appetite. THC increases your appetite, while THCV suppresses it, making you eat less.

2. THCV Can Help Boost Metabolism

Since THCV is suppressing one’s appetite, it contributes a lot to losing weight. The key is to manage your food cravings, which results in boosting your metabolism. Taking THCV can help you reduce the cholesterol in your body, especially if you are overweight or obese, leading to a significant weight loss. In addition, THCV gives you more energy and helps burn off the excess calories.

3. THCV Can Help Convert Bad Fat into Useful Fat

Unburnt fats in the body is one of the culprits of weight gain. Did you notice that most cannabis users often have slimmer forms? The reason behind is marijuana burns calories in the body. This claim is backed by a 2016 study published in Springer’s Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, concluded that the use of cannabis and its components help convert bad fats into good fats, which helps in burning calories.

How Efficient Is THCV For Weight Loss?

Being overweight or obese definitely takes a toll on a person’s physical and mental health. Too much body fat leads to chronic diseases, limiting you to do the things you love. On the other hand, having a bigger body degrades self-esteem and lowers confidence. Maintaining a proper weight is definitely a must. However, in today’s world of junk food, appetite control may be hard sometimes.

Backed by multiple studies, THCV can help in losing weight due to its ability to suppress appetite and curb hunger. However, THCV is not a miracle drug that can make you slimmer overnight. It is best to pair it with proper diet, exercise and discipline for a sustainable weight loss. This stated, THCV can kick-start your weight loss journey when done the right way.

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