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Is THCV the ultimate weight-loss cannabinoid?

While the rare so-called “sports-car cannabinoid” THCV may be similar to THC molecularly, it seems to provide a variety of different effects from it’s near cousin THC. THCV has been studied for use as an appetite suppressant, for regulation of blood sugar levels, the reducing of panic attacks, inflammation reduction, bone growth stimulation, and more. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THCV? The most discussed benefit is how THCV acts fast to generate its energizing psychoactive effects. In addition to its lifting cognitive effects, THCV seems to exhibit profound medicinal value in past and current studies. THCV, OBESITY, AND WEIGHT LOSS THCV is a well-studied appetite suppressant, which may offer relief for people experiencing obesity. Some research indicates that low doses (5 to 7.5 milligrams) can reduce appetite by inhibiting the action of CB1 receptors. Other research, such as this study by the Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, suggests that THCV may be an effective weight-loss compound because it improves connectivity in the areas of the brain that are generally altered in people with obesity. This study supported THCV for weight loss but did not support the appetite-suppression theory. **It’s important to note that research supports THCV’s weight-loss qualities only when it is ingested at low doses. At significantly higher doses, THCV does not seem to act the same way. At these high doses, THCV may actually increase appetite. WHY DOES THCV MATTER? Everyone is talking about this energy-boosting, weight-loss-stimulating, anti-inflammatory powerhouse, and THCV promises to be one of the cannabis industry’s next big cannabinoids. THCV is a cannabinoid that invites people of all kinds to give it a try, especially those who have never tried cannabis or hemp because they fear the high and the munchies characterized by THC. Unlike its intoxicating cousin, low levels of THCV provide high energy, mental clarity, and appetite-suppressant qualities that may even entice the Type A’s among us. THCV has the ability to draw in a much wider crowd of customers and that is a huge benefit. Lingua™ Benefits 🏆 Superior Quality 💪100 Doses Per Bottle 👅 Soothing Natural Flavor Favorite Lingua™ Uses 🍪 Bake Goodies By Dosing Butters and Oils ⭐️ Dose Coffee, Shakes, Salads and More 🎯 Perfect For Vegan, Keto, and Gluten-free Diets Getting Started With Lingua™ Tinctures

  • For fast relief try 1/5 dropper sublingually. Increase dose as directed by your physician.

  • Mix into butter, cooking oil, or any other oil based consumable/topical.

  • Visit Spyglass Wellness™ for our Top 10+ Recipes and Dosing Guides. Read Dosing and Usage Information ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR PRIOR TO USE. SEEK CONSULTATION ON PROPER DOSAGE AND ASK IF LINGUA™ IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

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