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Calming CBD Drops

For Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

Spyglass Wellness presents a specialized range of canine tinctures, meticulously crafted to cater to dogs of all sizes. Our blends ensure that your beloved pets receive the optimum dose for their well-being, using the finest natural ingredients and premium cannabinoids.

Tailored for every size.

The Challenge

Pets grappling with anxiety often exhibit signs like restlessness, increased vocalizations, destructive tendencies, and withdrawal. Such behaviors can stem from factors like owner separation, shifts in daily patterns, and loud disturbances, among others.

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Image by Alvan Nee

Our Remedy

For pets facing everyday challenges and in search of tranquility, Best Bud™ CBD drops offer a potential respite. Crafted from organic full-spectrum CBD oil enriched with natural bacon flavor, this formula may provide your dog with a serene experience amidst trying moments. Experience the difference.

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Quality Ingredients

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Made in the USA with natural ingredients to provide the highest quality product for your pet.

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