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Best Bud™ Calm Drops For Dogs

Spyglass Wellness Canine Tincture Series

Premium wellness, tailored for every size.


Spyglass Wellness presents a specialized range of canine tinctures, meticulously crafted to cater to dogs of all sizes. Our blends ensure that your beloved pets receive the optimum dose for their well-being, using the finest natural ingredients and premium cannabinoids.


Product Guide

Small Dog: Up to 25lbs

Medium Dog: 25-50lbs

Large Dog: 50lbs+ 


Large Dog Tincture - 1000mg Bottle

Perfectly balanced for your big buddy, ensuring they get the relaxation and care they deserve.


  • Cannabinoid Content: 900mg CBD, 45mg CBC, 45mg CBG, 10mg CBDA.
  • Base: MCT oil for easy digestion and optimal absorption.
  • Flavor: A tantalizing bacon taste, achieved with 1ml bacon flavoring (olive oil based).
  • Recommended Dose: 0.5ml delivers 15mg of total cannabinoids.


Medium Dog Tincture - 500mg Bottle

Tailored to perfection for mid-sized dogs, giving them the relaxation and wellness boost they need.


  • Cannabinoid Content: 450mg CBD, 22.5mg CBC, 22.5mg CBG, 5mg CBDA.
  • Base: MCT oil, ensuring maximum benefits and a smooth experience.
  • Flavor: The same mouth-watering bacon flavor, loved by canines all over.
  • Recommended Dose: 0.5ml imparts 7.5mg of total cannabinoids.


Small Dog Tincture - 250mg Bottle

A gentle touch of nature, perfect for the littlest member of your family.


  • Cannabinoid Content: 225mg CBD, 11.25mg CBC, 11.25mg CBG, 2.5mg CBDA.
  • Base: MCT oil base, gentle and beneficial for your petite pet.
  • Flavor: Delightful bacon essence that'll have your fur baby's tail wagging.
  • Recommended Dose: 0.5ml for a gentle 3.75mg of total cannabinoids.


Directions for use: Administer the recommended dose either directly or mix it with your dog's food. Adjust dosage as needed or consult with a veterinarian for specific concerns.


Storage: Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.


Warning: Keep out of reach from children. This product is intended solely for canine use.


At Spyglass Wellness, we prioritize the well-being of your pets. Our tinctures promise quality, purity, and the touch of nature's best. Ensure a happier and more relaxed day for your canine companion with our meticulously designed tinctures.

Best Bud™ Calm Drops For Dogs



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