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Cannabidiolic Acid






CBDA is federally legal.

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CBDA is found in the raw hemp plant, and is the acidic precursor to CBD. CBDA is decarboxylated into the more commonly known CBD compound when vaporized. It can also decarboxylate by other means of heating. CBDA has been studied for its effects on nausea, inflammation, and as an anti-tumor compound.

- CBD Incubator

What They Say...

"Like CBD, CBDA is unable to bind to the cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors in our brains, meaning a CBDA tincture, no matter how strong, shouldn’t be able to make you feel intoxicated. Any direct effects you might feel from taking CBDA will be much more subtle. Some people have reported feeling more relaxed and have also experienced an improvement in their overall mood."

- CBD Incubator

Desired Effects

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