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Revita-lux™ Serum

Topical Cooling and Physical Care Serum - Superior, research-backed, responsibly sourced ingredients.


Our exclusive NatruHemp™ Complex has been placed alongside carefully selected skin bioactives and natural ingredients designed to help the body protect itself from stress triggers, while enhancing cellular level nutrient absorption.†


*Apply to affected area of body - Avoid face and sensitive areas.

Revita-lux™ Serum

  • Active Ingredients: Camphor - 9%, Menthol 14% • Hemp Extract.


    Additional Ingredients: Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid, NatruHemp™ Complex, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil. (Contains Coconut)


    1500mg NatruHemp™ Complex


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