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D8THC+ Vape Special - ($10/ea)


Get 5 D8THC+ Vapes for only $50. ($10/ea) Using Coupon Code D8VAPE



Reported D8THC Effects

  • Happiness/Euphoria 
  • Calm
  • Motivated


Product Details: XXL DeltaC™ D8THC Disposable 2 Gram Vape Cartridge. A new hemp derived experience. DeltaC™ provides an exclusive hybrid effect that's just right. Designed for convenience and potency, it’s the ideal tool for your elevated escapes.


Extended Capacity: Embrace the ultimate vaping experience with our DeltaC™ XXL 2g disposable. Its extended capacity means you can enjoy the balanced effects longer, getting more from every moment. Achieve a perfectly harmonious blend of calming and uplifting effects that lasts twice as long as competitors*.


Spyglass Wellness Delta 8 2ML Disposable Vape Pen Directions

  • Remove vape pen from the packaging.
  • Remove protector from top.
  • Power: 5-clicks to turn on/off, 3-clicks low/medium/high, 2-clicks preheat
  • Inhale lightly while pressing button/Exhale the vapor. 


Notice: Disposable vape is rechargeable with micro USB. Charger not included. - Not intended for refilling. AVOID DRIVING AND OPERATING HEAVY MACHINERY AFTER USE.

D8THC+ Vape Special - ($10/ea)



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