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The All Natural Boost: THCV and Spyglass Wellness Originals

Nature's Energy Boost - THCV May Be The Answer
Nature's Energy Boost - THCV May Be The Answer

Spyglass Wellness - The Pioneer Of THCV Products

The cannabis industry is abuzz with the potentials of minor cannabinoids, with Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) emerging as a notable player. Known for its distinct properties, THCV is gaining popularity amongst wellness enthusiasts, and Spyglass Wellness is at the forefront of unveiling its benefits through their diverse product range.

Uncovering THCV: A Minor Cannabinoid with Major Potential

THCV, a homologue of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), shares some similarities with THC but has a variety of unique effects and benefits. It's renowned for its potential in appetite suppression, glucose regulation, anti-inflammatory properties, and the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders​1​. Unlike THC, which is known for its psychoactive effects, THCV has been found to exhibit different psychoactive properties, making it a compound of interest for various therapeutic applications​2​.

THCV-Infused Offerings at Spyglass Wellness

Spyglass Wellness offers a curated selection of THCV-infused products that aim to harness the benefits of this minor cannabinoid. Among their offerings are:

THCV+ Gummies (VarinEx™)

These gummies are a blend of THCV and CBDV designed to promote focus, energy, and appetite suppression. They also contain a specialized formula of minor cannabinoids for an enhanced wellness experience. The inclusion of elderberry in these gummies adds a touch of natural immunity support, making them a holistic choice for daily wellness​3​.

THCV+ Tincture

The THCV+ Tincture from Spyglass Wellness is formulated to promote energy and enhance well-being. It includes a 1ml dosing dropper for ease of use, ensuring that individuals can tailor their dosage to meet their unique wellness needs. This high-strength tincture is an excellent choice for those looking to explore the benefits of THCV in a concentrated form​2​.

THCV+ Microdose

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabinoid wellness, dosing plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficacy and experience of the user. With a goal to revolutionize the accessibility and convenience of cannabinoid consumption, Spyglass Wellness introduces the THCV+ Microdose Spray, a discreet and portable solution for those seeking to integrate the benefits of THCV and CBD into their daily routine without the complexities often associated with cannabinoid dosing.

The Expanding Horizon: THCV Products and Their Appeal

The rising interest in THCV is reflected in the expanding market of THCV-infused products, such as tinctures and gummies, that offer a concentrated way to explore its benefits. They are not only easy to use but also versatile, making them a perfect choice for those who want to take control of their dosage​4​.

Consumer Appeal: What Makes THCV Products Stand Out?

THCV products from Spyglass Wellness stand out due to their high-quality formulation and the promise of harnessing the minor cannabinoid's benefits. The positive buzz around THCV's potential in aiding weight loss, promoting wellness, and its role in mental health treatment adds to the allure of these products​2​.


The exploration of minor cannabinoids like THCV opens new avenues in the wellness industry. Spyglass Wellness, with its THCV-infused offerings, is poised to lead the way in unveiling the benefits of this fascinating cannabinoid. Whether you are drawn to the appetite-suppressing properties of THCV or its potential in promoting mental wellness, the THCV product range at Spyglass Wellness offers a gateway to discovering the holistic benefits of cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is THCV?

THCV, or Tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a minor cannabinoid known for its potential health benefits including appetite suppression and glucose regulation.

How is THCV different from THC?

THCV and THC are both cannabinoids, but they have different effects. Unlike THC, THCV has been found to exhibit different psychoactive properties and a variety of unique benefits.

What products does Spyglass Wellness offer with THCV?

Spyglass Wellness offers a range of THCV-infused products including VarinEx™ Gummies and THCV+ Tincture designed to promote focus, energy, and overall well-being.

Are there any other cannabinoids in Spyglass Wellness's THCV products?

Yes, the THCV+ products also contain CBDV and a specialized formula of minor cannabinoids to enhance the wellness benefits.

How can I incorporate THCV products into my wellness routine?

THCV products from Spyglass Wellness can be incorporated into your daily routine for improved focus, energy, and appetite control. The THCV+ Tincture comes with a dosing dropper for tailored dosage, while the VarinEx™ Gummies provide a tasty and convenient option.


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