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Advanced THCV Formula: Finding Your Focus, Energy, and Stamina.

Spyglass Wellness THCV MCT Oil Infusion with Minor Cannabinoids CBDV, CBD

Spyglass Wellness™ has been formulating minor cannabinoids like THCV and CBDV since 2014, making them one of the first companies to do so in the USA. This experience has enabled the creation of advanced formulas like their popular MCT infusion, THCV+.

THCV+ is one of our favorite MCT oil tinctures. This easy to use infusion contains 1000mg of minor cannabinoids. This tincture is simple to use as a sublingual, additive, or fun to try in baked goods for an infused edible treat!

THCV is a type of cannabis that has a unique set of effects and medical benefits that make it different from other types of cannabis. In addition to providing increased focus and energy, THCV may be used to treat diabetes, Alzheimer's, bone problems, and more...¹

Scientists used to think that THCV was a less powerful form of THC… Now they study it as a type of medicine that can stop seizures in the brain.¹

THCV is a chemical in marijuana that is similar to THC but it gives a different feeling when you take it. It might make you feel not hungry. THCV can be good for you, because it can help you lose weight. THCV can help you feel better, even if you have diabetes. THCV may help with diabetes, making your blood sugar levels normal. THCV helps with panic attacks, it makes people feel calmer. THCV can help with osteoporosis, by making your bones grow properly. THCV may also help with Alzheimer’s disease, it helps with tremors and motor control and brain lesions.¹

THCV is a chemical in cannabis that may help to reduce seizures.¹ THCV can be found in the same strains of cannabis as THC, but it is not as common. African sativas have higher amounts of THCV. Some cannabis companies test their cannabis to see how much THCV it has. Make sure your products are tested at a verifiable 3rd party lab.

So where can I find THCV? You want to get the effects, but you don’t know where to start looking for something? You want to know where to find THCV. Look for Spyglass Wellness™.

If you are looking to get the highest quality and most effective THCV, you should start by trying Lingua™ THCV+. They contain more THCV and minor cannabinoids than other available strains. Ask about minor cannabinoids. If you can’t find additional minor cannabinoids, ask if the product uses isolates or full spectrum hemp extract. Request test results. You should ask the person who sells it to you about their testing lab.

Use Lingua™ THCV+ from Spyglass Wellness™ for the ultimate THCV experience. THCV+ also contains minor cannabinoids to create most potent Varin blend available!

Lingua™ THCV+ is tested to the highest standards at a facility licensed with the KDA, registered with the DEA, and accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard by PJLA with accreditation.

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