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Two Hemp Compounds Block COVID-19 Virus From Human Cells, Reseach Shows

HOUSTON, Tex. (Spyglass Wellness™) — This exciting announcement is due to a pair of cannabinoid acids which bind to the COVID-19 spike protein. CBDA and CBGA are commonly found in the hemp plant. These two compounds where said to stop the virus from infecting people. Researchers at Oregon State University are the first to come forward with research on the topic, paving the way for more cannabis related studies. Products containing these compounds are already available today, with some containing high amounts of minor cannabinoids.

Not only does Spyglass Wellness test each product for safety and efficacy, they include 12+ powerful cannabinoids including CBDA, CBGA, and select nutrients designed for the highest strength and tailored for your specific needs. Spyglass Wellness gummies and tinctures include the most desirable and healthy blends of minor cannabinoids and wellness-focused nutrition.

We recommend CBT+ Tincture (Contains CBDA, CBGA) for an increased immunity boost.

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